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Enigma Investigations
Exclusive client interactive web based interface...you become the detective!

Welcome to enigma trackers an exclusive client interactive gps/gprs vehicle tracking service where the client can be placed at the heart of the tracking service. Our exclusive web based interface allows customers to login and view their targets movements from any internet connected PC.

How vehicle tracking works

Our vehicle tracking devises are the most advanced and up-to-date to enable us to track a persons whereabouts every minute of the day without their knowledge and utalising our exclusive web based interface, you the customer, can view the targets movements from your home, office or laptop. So why wait for reports to be collated and sent when you can can just click and view.

Our technology uses sophisticated global positioning systems to monitor and track target vehicles in real time. Moreover vehicle tracking is completely discrete, totally untraceable and cost effective.


Our exclusive real time web based interface.
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What vehicle tracking can do for you?

Our vehicle tracking devices provide

  • exact locations the vehicle has travelled
  • details of how long the vehicle has been, where and
  • a daily vehicle tracking activity report that states the precise addresses the vehicle has been

What we offer you in terms of vehicle tracking?

We can quickly and discretely attach a vehicle tracking device. Our devices can be purchased or hired.

Contact us today to get a quote...01992 633474 or 07960 885533

Our web based interface can be changed to included virtual earth aerial views.